Bamboo woven wood shades can create a beautiful bathroom atmosphere

Oct 8 2010

Bamboo woven wood shades can create a beautiful bathroom atmosphere
Bamboo woven wood shades can create a beautiful bathroom atmosphere
The trend for luxury bathrooms used to put an emphasis on jacuzzis, double sinks and spaces that were often larger than one room. In recent years, however, sparse, economic design has ruled, and The Canadian Press spoke to interior designers who had tips for homeowners looking to make the most of their bathroom space.

To start, it may be beneficial to look at the harmony between the floors and walls. Interior designer Betsy Burnham suggests that different styles of bathrooms require different kinds of flooring.

For a classic bathroom, homeowners may opt for ceramic tiles. This can be particularly beautiful in houses that push for a rustic theme, as these surfaces can provide a pleasing dichotomy between modern and traditional.

However, Burnham suggests installing stone counter-tops and floors for more modern homes, as this can be a unique touch to an abode.

Another option is one that is outlined by real estate agent Sabrina Soto. "People are now going into the eco-friendly options, like bamboos or recycled glass," she told the news provider.

Homeowners who want to experiment with a more natural trend may want to hang bamboo woven wood shades in the bathroom. These durable window treatments require no pesticides or other chemicals during production, so they can give a bathroom a pleasing aesthetic, eco-friendly aesthetic.
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