Faux wood blinds can add classy appearance to a home for less

Oct 8 2010

Faux wood blinds can add classy appearance to a home for less
Faux wood blinds can add classy appearance to a home for less
Homeowners are often looking for ways to make a house as luxurious as possible without spending too much money. Updating a home by adding antiques and other accessories can be one way to give a room some personality, but there may be another key to creating a space of color, motion and excitement, according to The New York Times.

Fish tanks are becoming a popular way to spruce up a home in many residences which cater to high-end interior design trends, but these additions aren't unreachable for others, either.

Try starting small by purchase one or two fish in a modest tank and see what it contributes to the room's aesthetic. Tropical fish aren't particularly expensive and can be a constant source of entertainment for children and an interesting conversation starter at parties.

Interior designer Christopher Stevens says that it is an ideal way to humanize a space and introduce natural elements into a room that can otherwise appear bland, according to the news provider.

As long as homeowners can maintain a tank's cleanliness, then they may also benefit from this high-end trend, even if they don't live in a mansion.

Faux wood blinds are another easy alternative to expensive decorations. These window treatments have all the natural appeal of wood blinds and present
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