Get students ready for college with faux wood blinds

Jul 23 2010

Get students ready for college with faux wood blinds
Get students ready for college with faux wood blinds
July is almost over, which means that, one month from now, students will be embarking on the journey to the dorm room. While this marks an era of independence for children, parents can still help with the transition by supplying some niceties. advises that parents keep themselves informed of the college by using its website. This way, mom and dad they will be able to be more involved and engaged in a student's activities, both academic and extracurricular, but won't be overbearing in the process.

Another way parents can help a college-bound student is to buy some of the bulky books that are needed for class and, in addition, plan out with the student how expenses and finances will be arranged.

One of the more important steps that the news source recommends is having a conversation with the young adult about telephone calls - how often they want calls from home or vice versa.

Furnishings are also helpful for any dorm room. Faux wood blinds are an affordable and durable solution for any college space. They will look classy, but be easy to clean and resistant to the humid conditions of a cramped area.
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