I just received my color samples of the Blackout Cell Shades. There are a number of colors I like which is great. I would like to inquire about the materials used in the samples. They seem to be a very nice cloth material, but do not have the typical foil backing of blackout shades. Can you tell me if the Premier 9/16" Blackout Single Cell Shades will use identical materials with a different backing or is the cloth material different when the blackout models are ordered?
The free samples we send are pieces of the actual blackout fabrics or materials the shades are made from. This allows you to see not only the color of the blackout fabrics but the quality of the materials so you know exactly what you are ordering.

Most of our blackout honeycomb shades come with foil lining or backing to block the light from passing through the shades. Some of our blackout cell shades are made without the foil backing such as our Signature Blackout Cell Shades which are made with a blackout fabric that does not require the foil lining.

The Premier 9/16" Blackout Cell Shades are made with foil lined fabric. The samples will have the foil lined fabric used for this cell shade. Buy your blackout cell shades today!
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