What does openness mean on the solar screen shades? Which is more transparent a 3% or a 5% solar screen shade?
Solar screen shades are meant to be transparent, letting filtered light enter the room. Openness refers to how open or large the gaps are in the woven fibers of the screen fabric. The higher the percentage, the more open the screen fabric and the more light the solar shades allow to enter the room. For instance a 3% openness screen shade is a tighter weave fabric than a 14% openness screen shade, letting less light to enter. A higher percentage openness fabric is more transparent and lets more light enter, while obstructing less view.

At Blinds Chalet we carry roller screen shades in various openness fabrics. Choose from the tightest Smart Weave 1% Screen Roller Shades to the Sheer Weave Roller Shades -14%. All fabrics within each roller shade have different styles of weave patterns and colors. Choose a fabric with the right openness that works for you and then select the color of your choice. Buy you solar screen shades today!
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