We are looking to get bamboo woven wood shades for a patio door and 4 windows in the same room we really like the Penang Oak style but it seems that this is not available in the bamboo window shades style but only the sliding panel blinds?
We offer matching bamboo woven wood shades with all of our bamboo sliding panel blinds. They can always be found in one of our Tavarua bamboo shades. The woven wood pattern Penang Oak is found in our Tavarua Basics Bamboo Shades.

Bamboo sliding panel blinds are a great way to cover those difficult patio slider windows. We also offer matching bamboo drapes for large patio blinds. All of our Tavarua draperies as well as the bamboo sliding panels blinds can be made in bamboo window blinds. Choose from wide selection of woven wood fabrics and colors.

Upgrade any of our bamboo window blinds with free edge binding. Edge binding will extend the life of the blinds as well as accent an decor. Buy your bamboo window blinds today!
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