Do you have honeycomb blinds that would fit on an exterior door that is metal?
Yes. Any of our cellular shades can be mounted on a metal door. The screws we send to mount each cell shade are for dry wall applications but you can always use other screws for masonry or metal. Substitute the basic screws with some metal screws and any of our blinds or shades can be mounted to a metal door. When ordering select "outside mount" for proper sizing and hardware.

When measuring for door blinds, measure where you would like the shades to cover. For best results it is best to measure past the window on the door at least one inch on each side, keeping in mind the hardware on the door. If the door has a lever handle or anything that may be in the way of the shades. The blinds must be mounted above the window on the door and extend past the bottom of the window at least one inch. Take in to account the size of the headrail and add to the height of the window so you can mount the headrail above the window on the door.

If you have any questions measuring for your honeycomb shades for your metal door feel free to give us a call and we can help you out. Order your window blinds or shades from Blinds Chalet today!
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