I am interested in ordering several vertical blinds in the Tavarua Bamboo Forest green. Most of my windows are between 35 and 40 inches wide. Your information states that openings less than 48 inches will be made as a single blind. I prefer them to be two blinds for center opening. Is it possible to have them made this way?
By default our Tavarua bamboo drapes come with two panels unless they are under 48 inches. Instead, with sizes under 48 inches, the Tavarua bamboo drapery comes as one panel but because each bamboo blind is custom made they can still be ordered split into two separate panels. This cannot be ordered over the website but may be ordered by calling our customer service department. Because all of window blinds are custom made most of the time we can custom build them.

Our Tavarua vertical bamboo blinds are made with the same woven wood fabrics to match our Tavarua bamboo shades. Bamboo draperies are ideal for larger windows such as patio doors. Designed with grommets they can attach to virtually any drapery rods.

Because bamboo drapes are made with woven wood fabric they allow light into the room and do not provide complete privacy. Consider adding a blackout of privacy liner to the bamboo drapes. The fabric liner is attached to the backside of the drapes, blocking light and providing privacy.
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