I'm interested in furnishing our new home with solar screen shades. I have a couple of questions:

1. I really like the duo shades I saw at a local company combining blackout and solar shades together as two shades. Can you do something similar?

2. Is my understanding correct that your motorization is battery powered?

3. If so, how long do the batteries last? How easy is it to exchange batteries?
Although we do not offer every option and upgrade online we can custom make solar screen shades. The option you are looking for is called duo shades or dual shades. Dual shades offer two roller shades mounted together. Each roller shade can be operated independently of the other. Typically dual shades are paired together with a light control or blackout shade and a translucent or screen shade. With the blackout shade down, the room can be darkened as well as offer privacy. With the use of the screen shade only, filtered light can enter the room, reducing glare and saving energy without completely blocking the view.

Online we only offer battery operated shades. We can however upgrade to a hard wired roller shade which does not require batteries in the motor that raises and lowers the shades. Battery powered roller shades come in 12v motors, 24v DC motors, and 110v AC motors. Standard battery powered shades last about a year before needing to be replaced.
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