Large windows can be difficult to cover but there are a few choices. The best insulation on a large patio door would be curtains or drapes. One option would be bamboo curtains with a liner. Adding the liner to the bamboo drapery increases the insulation.

Traditionally, vertical blinds have been used for sliding glass door blinds. Vertical blinds do provide some insulation but are not the best insulators.

Panel track blinds or sliding panel blinds are great for large windows. However, most panel track blinds are made from screen type material that block uv rays in the summer but offer little insulation against the cold.

Honeycomb shades are traditionally the best insulating blinds. There is an vertical cell shade that can be mounted on patio doors. We can sell these shades but they can be difficult to install. Call us for special pricing and availability. Order your sliding glass door blinds today!
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