Elongated eyebrow shape windows are very hard to find a inside mount window covering for. Any arch can always be covered using an outside mount blind or shade by simply mounting the blinds on the wall above the window. Outside mount blinds may not be as attractive as well extend farther into the room therefore an inside mount blind is the optimal choice.

Arch shaped window blinds are always custom made as they must be made to match the arch shape of the window. If the arch at the top of the window is a perfect arch, meaning the height is one half the width, the window blinds can be made without a template. Simply provide the width and height of the arch. Arches that are not perfect arches such as eyebrow arch windows require a template to custom build the window blinds for them.

Options for eyebrow arches are made to match the most common window coverings, including shutters, wood arches or cell shade arches. Wood blinds and cell shades must be made with a separate arch window covering that is mounted above a matching blind while shutters can be made so the panels arch arch at the top, following the shape of the window.
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