Could elaborate on the difference between the ComforTrack and the EnergyTrack shades?
The only difference between the 2 products are the name. The EnergyTrack is our private label and is a few dollars cheaper. The Comfortrack is the name brand direct from our manufacturer. Both products still qualify for the Federal Tax credit. However, please keep in mind that if this product is purchased, it must be installed before 12/31/10 to qualify for the tax credit, as the Tax Program will end at the end of this year.

Like zipping up the zipper on a jacket, ComforTrack shades are designed with energy savings in mind. Built with sidetracks for adding insulation and energy savings. The addition of the unique sidetrack system prevent more heat loss/gain along the edges of the cellular shades. Buy your ComforTrack shades today and start saving on those energy bills!
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