Adding a liner to bamboo blinds will increase the insulation of the shades. This added insulation, however, will not be equal to honeycomb shades but will be an improvement to bamboo blinds without them. You can choose either a blackout or privacy liner to bamboo shades. Watch our promos for the buy four or more woven wood shades and receive free liners.

Lined bamboo shades come with either fixed liners or movable liners. Fixed liners are attached to the bamboo shades and raise and lower with the shades. Movable liners have a separate lift cord to raise and lower the liner independently of the bamboo blinds. Movable liners allow the woven wood shades to filter light with the liner raised during the daytime while still providing privacy.

Double cell shades will be the best insulators you can use! A double cell will give you better insulation than a single cell shade. Adding sidetracks with our Comfortrack or Energytrack shades will provide even better insulation and energy savings. The unique sidetracks block more heat loss/gain.
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