What is the brand name of your blinds. I am looking for Grandwood Blinds (Faux Wood)- they used to sell them @ Home Depot. At any rate yours look similar.
We do not carry the Home Depot brand Grandwood blinds. We have a wide selection of faux wood blinds at prices lower than Home Depot.

Home Depot has different grades of wood and faux wood blinds. The standard "off the shelf" blinds from Home Depot are pre-fabricated and trimmed down at the store. These would be comparable to our "Good" category of blinds or the Budget Custom Faux Wood Blinds selection. All of our blinds come with both the width and height at the size of your window. With the pre-fabricated blinds at Home Depot you will be responsible for adjusting your length which can take time, especially with a large number of blinds.

Home Depot blinds are also available in "custom" blinds. these blinds are not at the store and are ordered and made to your order. The blinds comparable to to this type of blind is in our "Better" and "Best" blinds.

The bottom line is BlindsChalet.com offers equal or superior quality at a lower price than Home Depot blinds
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