Unfortunately our Tapered Slat 2 1/2" Faux Wood Blinds are not available with the routless feature. We do have another 2 1/2 inch faux wood blind that we can make as routeless blinds. They are not offered online but you can always call and place a special order for them.

Standard window blinds have faux wood or wood slats that are flat. Our tapered slat blinds offer a shutter louver style slat creating a window blind that looks like a shutter. Shutter blinds with their elliptical profile slat adds a touch of class to a traditional faux wood blind.

The routless ladders or no holes privacy upgrade block more light for added privacy. Traditional horizontal blinds have routed holes for the lift cords to pass through each blind slat. With routless blinds there are no route holes and the cords pass along the outer edge of the slats. Although this blocks more light and adds privacy it also creates window blinds with slats that can be removed from the blinds. This is not recommended for homes with children or pets that could get into the blinds.
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