I'm interested in purchasing cordless, Top Down Bottom Up blinds that qualify for the tax credit. Are the ComforTrack 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shades the only blinds that qualify for the tax credit?

If so, please confirm that they are cordless. Also, do they have the Top Down Bottom Up option?

If there are other blinds that qualify for the tax credit, please advise.
Until the end of 2010, all of our Comfortrack Shades qualify for a tax credit. Currently these are the only window shades that qualify for tax credit.

The Comfortrack blackout double cell shades do not offer both the cordless and the top down bottom up upgrades. These cellular shades only come with an optional top down bottom up option. If you are looking for a window blind that qualifies for a tax credit and has cordless as well as top down bottom up the only available option is the translucent Comfortrack cell shades. We do have other blackout cellular shades that can have both cordless and top down bottom up together but it is not available on the Comfortrack blackout double cell shades.

Comfortrack cellular shades offer a unique sidetrack system that blocks more heat loss/gain for added energy savings. No other cellular shade has sidetracks and will save as much energy as the Comfortrack shades.
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