Do you come to the home to measure for my blinds? Also do you offer installation and can you install my window blinds?
Blinds Chalet offers design and install services for window blinds to our customers in the Phoenix area. We also have a search tool available through our website to find local handymen and contractors who can measure and install for you.

Measure and install window blinds is not difficult but some customers would rather not hassle with it. For these customers we recommend hiring a professional and let them do the measure and installation. This will still save money but by measuring and installing your own window blinds you can save hundreds of dollars.

Professionals can install most blinds within minutes. Of course new customers who have never installed a blind before may take more time but after one or two blinds you will be installing your new blinds like a pro. Different types of window blinds are easier to install than others. If you are concerned about the installation contact one of our design consultants for the level of difficulty. We can also assist you with your installation when the time come over the phone.
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