I have a dining room window for about 2 hrs in late afternoon gets a hit from the sun. Could you suggest a suitable inexpensive shade or blind? We don't need the privacy here.
What you are looking for is a shade that will cut down on the sun while still allow you to see outside. Blinds Chalet carries a few different window shades that fit this description.

First, you might want to look at the solar screen shades. They are roller blinds with screen fabric designed to block uv rays and cut down on the heat gain from the sun while not completely blocking the view.

A second option is bamboo wood shades. Because they small bamboo, sticks, and rope woven together they also do not completely block the view but block the suns rays. You can also add a liner to bamboo shades that can be operated independently of the bamboo shades. This allows the shades to be lowered when it is dark outside for complete privacy at night time. Remember, if you can see out of the window shades during the daytime people can see when it is dark outside.

Cell shades are another option because of the top down bottom up feature. This allows the shades to be raised as well as lowered. Lowering the shades allows light to enter the room but the bottom of the windows can be covered to block most of the suns rays. Bamboo shades also can be upgraded to the top down bottom up feature as well.
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