I would like samples of your roller screens for a patio door window.
We offer free samples of all of our roller shades. Because all of our roller screen blinds are custom made we offer the option to see the actual fabric the shades are made out of.

Large windows such as patio door windows or sliding glass doors. Roller blinds are a good option because they can be made for wide windows. They can also can be mounted above the window roll up above to a relatively small stack at the top.

Roller screen blinds are designed for light filtration while not blocking the view through the patio door window. If you are looking for privacy you might consider a non-screen roller shade.

There are also other options for patio door blinds such as vertical blinds or bamboo draperies. Patio doors can be difficult to cover due to their size. Large windows limit the selection of window covering options.

If you are looking to cover a large window and do not want to block the view, roller screen blinds are a good option.
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