Do you carry the string pulls that come on roller blinds? Do you know where I can get some?
We do not sell individual window blinds parts but can supply them for any of the window blinds we sell. If you are looking to purchase roller shades with string pulls we can assist you. All of our roller blinds come with string pulls to raise and lower the window shades. Choose from either our our standard plastic bead cords or metal chain lift cords.

Roller shades come as either spring loaded lift or cord lift. Spring lift roller shades operate without lift cords. Simply grab the bottom of the shades and pull to operate. Roller shades without cords can be hard to completely raise and lower on larger windows. Spring lift roller shades also do not work as well on larger windows.

All of the roller blinds we offer come standard with cord lifts which are more durable. Most of our roller shades can be upgraded to cordless shades by adding motorization. Motorized shades come in various types both in the motors that operate them as well as the controls. Our standard motorized shades offer battery motors with hand held remotes. Battery motors are the easiest to install. Other motor options for motors are plug in motors or in wall motors which require an electrician to wire them. Motorized shades can be operated with a hand held remote, a wall switch, or they can be fully automated on timers or light sensors.
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