I was just curious how deep the top rail on the "Premier 9/16" Blackout Single Cell Shades" are? The top rail on my current shades are only about 1 inch.
The depth on the Premier 9/16" Blackout Cell Shades and the translucent cell shades is 1 5/8" deep. The height of the top rail will vary based on the lift control. Standard lift cell shades offer a slimmer headrail design and is only 3/4 inches tall. For cordless cell shades and continuous cord loop cell shades, the headrail is about and inch and a half to accommodate the larger lift controls.

Mounting cell shades so they are contained inside the window frame and do not protrude out of the frame requires at least 2 1/4 inches of depth. Honeycomb shades can be mounted in shallow depth windows with as little as and inch and a half. With a shallow mount, a portion of the cell shades will stick out of the window frame. For windows with less than and inch and a half, you will need to mount the cellular shades as an outside mount shade.
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