Are bamboo blinds energy efficient? I am looking for an woven wood shade that will save on my energy bills.
Yes and no. Bamboo blinds are not the best window treatments when if comes to energy savings. Adding any window blind is better than no window blind though. Bamboo woven wood blinds are great for light filtration and will save money by partially blocking some light while letting filtered light enter the room similar to screen shades.

To make bamboo woven wood shades energy efficient simply add a privacy or blackout liner to the shades. Adding a liner adds an additional layer on insulation on your windows. With our Tavarua bamboo shades we offer cloth liners that help insulate better. Watch for our free liner upgrade promo with the purchase of multiple bamboo blinds.

Privacy and blackout liners can come either attached to the shades or as a separate shade behind the bamboo blinds. The advantage of a separate liner is the liner can be lowered for privacy and energy savings or raised to let light enter through the lowered bamboo blinds. The disadvantage is the liner has its own lift cord so there is another visible cord. Also, raising liner and the blinds is a two step process. The liner must be raised as well as the bamboo blinds to uncover the window.
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