I am considering ordering the solar screen shades. If I order it with a fascia, is the bottom edge of the blind hidden behind the fascia--or is it still visible when rolled to the top.
roller shade fascia
Depending on the solar screen roller shades that you order it can be either hidden or the bottom rail will be visible by about 2 or 3 inches. Roller shades come with beaded chains lift cords. Each lift cord has a lock or a stop to keep the blinds from rolling open too far and closing too tightly. For specific information please contact one of our customer service representatives and we can assist you with any questions.

We also offer different bottom bars with our roller blinds. Some have a heat sealed pocket around a metal bar. The metal bar is for weight to keep the shade tight an the bottom in place. Another option is a fabric wrapped bottom rail. The fabric is visible on the front side and the bottom rail on the back.
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