What kind of roll tube that you are using? Is it RollEasy or others? What is the size of the tube for Sheer Weave Roller Shades -14% (solar shade)?

The roller for the majority of our roller and solar shades is an Extruded T6 aluminum with a wall thickness not less than 0.062" Each tube is designed with one Secure Grip Spline Fabric-fixing slot to increase the rigidity of the tube and eliminates sagging when the shade is operated. The tube size on our roll up blinds will vary based on the size of the shades. Roller shade tubes vary from 1 1/2 inch to 1 3/4 inch tube diameter.

Each roller shade come with a clutch lift mechanism. Most of our roller shades offer a three sided welded pocket with an aluminum extrusion for weight int the bottom of the shades. Some of our roll up blinds come with a wrapped hembar.
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