bamboo woven wood shades with edge binding
Pictured is Mirabella Tan with the Finesse Palma edge binding in our Woven Wood Shades. This is a 4 inch edge binding from our designer edge binding collection. Our standard edge binding is a 2 inch fabric. Because the cloth edge binding is wrapped around the front and the back of the bamboo shades only half of the fabric is visible on the front of the shades.

At Blinds Chalet we recommend adding edge binding to bamboo shades to protect the delicate edges of the shades from snags and catches. For this reason we offer FREE edge binding on most of our woven wood shades.

Our Tavarua bamboo shades and bamboo drapery are exclusive to Blinds Chalet. They are made from a wild grown, renewable bamboo resource. Our Tavarua Woven Wood Shades are environmentally friendly. No pesticides are used in the growing of the bamboo and the shades are recyclable.
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