I am DESPERATELY seeking top-down, bottom-up blinds for my BATHROOM, so I need blinds that can handle moisture. I have in my current bathroom a WONDERFUL top-down, bottom-up aluminum blind that I love, but JC Penney blinds no longer carries it.
Unfortunately we don't offer any of our aluminum mini blinds in a top down bottom up. We carry a cordless mini blind and many other top down bottom up blinds and shades. Choose from honeycomb cell shades, bamboo shades, roman shades, and more...

The top down bottom up option allows the window blind or shade to be lowered from the top down. This upgrade is excellent for letting light in the top of the window while still providing privacy by blocking the lower portion of the window. Because the mini blinds can be either raised or lowered, two separate cords are used. One to lower and one to raise the window shades.

Another option is cordless top down bottom up shades. This upgrade combines the top down bottom up feature without any lift cords. One thing to consider when combining these two upgrades is that the top of the window may be difficult to reach to lower the shades. Because there are no cords, the shade must be lowered by grabbing the top of the mini blinds and pulling them down.

For bathroom blinds we recommend products that will not be damaged by the moisture such as faux wood mini blinds. Because faux wood blinds are made from vinyl they will resist the moisture better than real wood blinds.
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