Please send me the r value of this shade: Deluxe 3/8 Inch Double Cell Translucent Shades.
The R-Factor for the deluxe 3/8 inch double cell shades are 4.60 with a shading co-efficiency of 0.38. These honeycomb shades have a 99.9% UV blockage with a 11% Light Transmission.

Cell shade r value will vary based on the type of honeycomb shades. R-value refers to the amount of heat flow a window shade resists. The higher the r-value, the more heat the window shade resists and the better insulator the shades are. Double cell shades offer more insulation than single cell shades and room darkening or blackout shades are more energy efficient than translucent light filtering cell shades.

Shading coefficient refers to the amount of heat that passes through the shades, the lower the number, the better insulation the shades provide.
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