Should my window blinds or shades match the walls or the floor?
Design is a personal taste but when choosing window coverings the best option is to color coordinate the window blinds or shades with the room in which they will reside. Window blinds can accent other colors in the room such as a crown molding, base boards, etc. while contrasting with the color of the walls.

Designing with Wood
White blinds are probably the most common but many people do try to match the wood to the other wood in the room such as cabinets or wood flooring. Wood blinds and shades come in many stains that can easily be matched to other wood.

Designing with Fabrics
Fabric offers the most variety in color and style. Fabric shades such as roman shades, roller shades, cell shades and more come in a multitude of color choices. Because fabric shades offer such variety it becomes very easy to color coordinate the shades to the rest of the decor.

Another option is with wood blinds and faux wood blinds is decorative fabric tapes. Decorative tapes replace the tilt ladders that run up the blinds with a wider fabric band. This fabric tape is available in a wide selection of colors and can also be used to accent the colors of the walls or other colors in the room. Bamboo shades also offer a similar option with edge binding. Edge binding is a strip of fabric that runs along the edges of the shades and can also be used to accent the home decor.
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