Can the comfort track -plus be installed on a greenhouse window that curves up from the bottom to the top of the window? Is there a curved track available?
Curved Greenhouse Blinds
The ComforTrack shades are not available with a curved track. The side tracks on the ComforTrack shades are only available as straight tracks. However, the same manufacturer also makes greenhouse window blinds.

Available for inside mount applications only, curved greenhouse blinds feature a polycarbonate track system. This hidden geartrack system allows for smooth operation of the blinds and also controls the light. The geartrack is color coordinated in either white or bronze to match the headrail and bottom rail.

To measure for greenhouse window shades we will need measurements of both the lower and upper straight sections as well as the curved section of the window. We do not offer greenhouse window blinds online due to the difficulty ordering. Please call for pricing and availability of curved greenhouse blinds.
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