Do you make ceiling mounted blinds? I have a bay window that need three seperate blinds and can not mount inside or outside. What do you suggest.
Most of our window blinds and shades can be installed as ceiling mount blinds. Our horizontal blinds such as wood blinds and faux wood blinds come standard with mounting brackets that may be used as either side mount or ceiling mount. Other window blinds and shades come with top mount brackets or can be ordered as ceiling mount. If you have any questions please contact customer service for more information about the specific blind or shade you are interested in.

Ceiling mount blinds and shades must be attached to the top of the window frame and therefore cannot be installed in arch top windows. Window shades such as roller shades, honeycomb cell shades and others come standard with top mount brackets. If you have an application where the blinds cannot be mounted into the top of the window frame you will need to request a side mount bracket.

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