I have a few questions about some of the cellular shades you sell. Do the Signature or Translucent double cell shades come with a bottom rail to hold them in place. I plan on using them on my doors and I want a shade that is attached at the top and bottom so when the door opens and closes, the shades don't flop about. I also would like the top down bottom up feature so I don't know if the bottom rail works with that feature.
Yes, Each of our cellular shades come with both a top rail and a bottom rail. The bottom rail can be attached using a hold down bracket to hold the window shades in place as the door is opened and closed.

One disadvantage to hold down brackets is because the bottom of the cellular shades are attached to the door the shades must be removed before they can be raised. Adding the top down bottom up feature to the door cellular shades allows the shades to be lowered from the top down while the bottom rail stays attached. This allows the shades to be operated without removing them from the hold down brackets. Cordless top down bottom blinds are even better because there are no lift cords to get in the way as the door closes. The lift cords on corded blinds can sometimes get the cords closed in the door.

Just about any window blind or shade can be used as door blinds. Simply request hold down brackets when you place your order so you can attach the bottom of the window blinds to the door.

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