2 questions about motorization on roller shades: Is a power source required and how close must it be to the window? Also, when you press the button to put the shade up or down, do you have to hold it until it is all the way up/down or will it go automatically after you press the button?
Our motorized roller shades on our website are all battery operated and require not wiring on installation. We can however special order hard wired motorized roller shades as well as different configurations of motorization.

When operating the motorized blinds simply press the up or down button once to operate. The blinds will raise or lower until they are completely open or closed depending on the direction you selected. If for any reason you would like to stop the blinds at a specific location simply press the button a second time to stop them.

We also carry various types of remote options. Choose from a standard hand held remote or a wall switch that can be mounted in the wall. Both types of remotes operate using batteries and do not need wiring. Remotes also come in a single channel or multiple channels. Each channel can operate one single blind or group of blinds.

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