Do you carry any wood blinds with rounded corners on the wooden slats?
Wood Blinds with rounded corner slats
Wooden Blinds with Rounded Corner Slats
Yes, we have a few wood blinds and faux wood blinds that can be upgraded with rounded corners on the blind slats. Choose from our One Day 2" Wood Blinds, our One Day 2" Faux Wood Blinds and our Sierra 2" Wood Blinds. Each product is custom made in the US with imported and US parts in one business day so you get the blinds fast.

Traditional wood blind slats are simply cut square at the ends. With rounded corner wood blinds, each wood blind slat is cut so the corners are round. This creates a softer wood blind and a more expensive feel to the blinds. Watch for our free upgrade on rounded corner slat wood blinds and faux wood blinds.

Shop our complete line of radius corner blinds with free shipping. Do it yourself and save big!
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