We are interested in cellular shades, but only have 1 1/4 in mounting clearance. Can you suggest a shade that will fit?
Most of our cellular shades can be mounted with as little as 1 inch window frame depth. Some with as little as 3/4 of an inch depth, however, windows with less than at least 2 inches will not be deep enough to contain the entire cellular shade and a portion will extend past the front edge of the window frame. Honeycomb cell shades are ideal for narrow windows as they require less space to mount than horizontal blinds or other window coverings.

Outside mount is always another option for windows with shallow window frame depth. Outside mount blinds mount on the wall above the window frame.

Honeycomb shades are great insulators and help reduce energy bills. A large portion of the heat loss or gain is through the windows of a home. Adding a insulating window blinds helps insulate your windows and lower energy bills. Buy your honeycomb shades today!
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