Typically the best insulating shades are honeycomb or cellular shades. Their unique cellular shade traps air inside the shades and creates an insulating barrier inside the shades.

However, not all cell shades are equal. Cell shades come in single or double cells. This refers to the number of cells in the depth of the shade. The more cells the better insulator they are.

We also offer Comfortrack cell shades with side tracks. the energy efficient shades are cellular shades with a track on each side of the shades to prevent energy loss along the edges of the shades.

Another option is our Odysee Shades. These cell shades offer the insulation of a cell shade but the function of a horizontal blind. They can be either raised or "tilted" like a blind.

If you dont like the look of cellular shades, the Fusion Roman Shades offer a roman shade with an insulating cellular liner hidden behind.
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